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Environment & Safety

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Environment & Safety
 Besides fully complying with all applicable national laws related to environment, health, safety, labor, product, and environmental compliance, Responsible Care is also implemented, voluntary or required by our outsourcing customer, by Dayang chem during our manufacturing and custom manufacturing activities.

The objectives of our Responsible Care are as following:
Protect people and the environment.
 Meet all local and national regulatory requirements.
 Minimize liabilities.
 Operate as a responsible neighbor and part of the community.
 Make continuous improvements to safety, healty and environment protection.
 Economic considerations do not take priority over environmental protection, health and safety.

And to reach our above objectives,Dayang Chem is committed to the following:
 We consider safety and the protection of health and environment to be fundamental concerns.
 We set goals, assign responsibilities, measure and review performance for implementing Responsible Care throughout our company.
 We provide instruction, education and continuing training for all employees to raise their awareness of potential environmental impacts due to our products and operations.
 Develop and improve an industrial hygiene program (including annual physical examination) monitoring and addressing work exposure to hazardous chemicals, noise, and occupational disease, for all directly involved employees such as operators, supervisors, engineers, lab technicians and maintenance personnel.
 We make constant efforts to reduce the harzards and risks arising from the manufacture, storage, transportation of our products.
 We work constantly to expand our knowledge of potential impacts of products, production processes and wastes on society and the environment.
 We actively support the principles of Responsible Care. In particular, we work to promote an open exchange of information and experience with interested and affected parties.
 We minimize the impact on humans and the environment in the production, storage, transportation, marketing and use of our products.

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