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About us

Our commitment is to contribute with our products to innovative solutions aimed at improving people’s quality of life, sustainable development and global solutions. We are proud to help achieve some of these solutions on areas as essential as healthcare, nutrition, water solutions, energy efficiency or new technologies and materials.
Our aim is to maintain our position as the preferred supplier of chemicals and as a leader in the international market, upholding our commitment to innovation and being competitive for our customers.Our sustained and profitable growth is based on the confidence that customers and partners have placed in DAYANG CHEM.
With our more than 20 years of experience, we are competitive for lab chemicals, intermediates, raw material production. A highly skilled and experienced team for research and development service guarantee the strong ability to make new project as well as the strict control of quality. Our sales team is also highly experienced and familiar with every step in business with our local and globle customers. We offer a variety of solutions for the transportation and business service worldwide.
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